Robert and Mellisa Doyle and family have a property at Pine Creek near Bundaberg on which they live and raise cattle, pigs and other animals for their own consumption, as well as have some available for sale to customers, many of whom are friends of the Doyle family.
Robert is passionate about the welfare of the livestock he raises and opens the farm to his customers for an annual farm day, so that you can view the environment in which the animals are born and bred. Children from the city have a wonderful day out feeding pigs, fowls, etc and being introduced to such placid animals as \'Daisy\' the cow.
I have purchased beef and pork from Robert for the last six years or so. Robert gives you the option of ordering a side of beef, or full beast and a side of pork to a larger quantity. The cuts of meat required are given to the butcher who packages and labels the meat into the meal size you request for say 2, 3 or 4 persons and the meat is delivered to your door by a local refrigerated transport.
Being confident in the knowledge that the product is local, tender, free from added hormones and antibiotics, and at a very reasonable price, I will continue to buy meat from Robert and encourage others to do likewise.
Graham Nelson, North Bundaberg
If you want top quality pork and beef, produced in the Bundaberg area, I can whole-heartedly recommend the products of Robert & Mellisa Doyle and their family, trading as Bundy Farm, at Pine Creek.
My wife Donna and I have been purchasing pork and beef for us and our children from the Doyle\'s since they started the business almost six years ago, and we have always shared it with other family members and friends, all of whom also love it.
Robert has been involved in the agricultural industry all his life with a strong passion for livestock. He has always treated his animals with tender loving care and they are always cared for extremely well, given quality natural foods with no artificial additives.
We very much enjoy the product with its mouth-watering flavour, knowing that the meat is fresh and in the knowledge that we are supporting local industries from the producer, to feed and rural supply merchants, to Gin Gin Produce Butchery and the home delivery service.
It is always great value for money and I cannot speak highly enough of the quality.

Vince and Donna, Bundaberg
I have been ordering beef and pork from Robert Doyle’s farm for the past three years. It’s an easy process – Robert emails you when he has a group animals going to the abattoirs and butcher, you can speak directly with the butcher as to what cuts you would like, and they even package it to suit the size of your family! The produce is then delivered via refrigerated courier to Brisbane directly to your door. All in a matter of days!
Having been a former supermarket meat shopper, the benefits from ordering from Robert are immense. Robert emails you a little bit of history about the animal you receive. So not only do you know the farmer, you also know exactly where your meat is coming from, you reduce your environmental footprint, and you can plan family meals knowing you have a freezer full of meat that lasts for months – all at a very competitive price. Oh, and the best part – every delivery has been of the highest quality – so fresh and tender. You will not taste better bacon anywhere!
Sharyn, Brisbane.

Beef and Pork packages – from our family farm, direct to your door. 

Free Range                       No added Hormones               No Antibiotics



Using local, family owned business, we deliver packages of Beef and packages of Pork from our farm, to your door.  All our animals are:

  That’s our guarantee.